Classic Dos and Donts

DO try to arrive as a group. Please use the gates at the South East Entrance.
DO have a member or representative of your squad at the Classic when Spirit Awards are given at the end of each night and when the Spirit Award is given on Friday night. We encourage full squads to stay.
DO encourage all cheerleaders, students and supporters to wear school colors. Remind them to do so when you sell them their ticket. That includes band members, drum majors or majorettes, honor guard, and color guard.
DO involve the student body when organizing your activities for the Classic and encourage the students to show their support and enthusiasm.
DO be creative with banners, pennants, and signs bearing school related messages relevant to the game.
DO use the space in the stadium that has been reserved for your school. Don’t use someone else’s space.
DON’T remove the Sertoma banner with your school’s name on it.
DO put emphasis on originality, organization and precision.
DON’T use masking tape to attach anything to the stadium. (50 point penalty) You can use painter’s tape.
DON’T bring paint into the stadium. Body paint needs to be applied before you enter the stadium.  Sign painting needs to occur before coming to the stadium. (200 point penalty for painting in the bleachers)
DON’T use obscenities on any banners, pennants or signs. (50 Point penalty)
DO make arrangements to remove all signs, banners and pennants after the game.
DO show good sportsmanship.
DON’T deface, remove, cover- up, etc., any other school’s banners, posters, or signs. The Classic is a team effort to raise money for our community.


If you have any questions, need more tickets, or can’t figure out where you need to go to turn in your money on the night of the game: Call Debbie McKelvey at (843) 991-0681. Please leave a message with your questions or concerns.