Eagle Harbor Ranch

About Us:

Founded by Danny and Liz Gilbert in 1999, Eagle Harbor, Inc. is a nonprofit, non-denominational, licensed Christian children’s home. Boys between the ages of five and twenty-one who are abused, neglected, homeless or whose parents/guardians are unable to care for them are accepted as well as children from the South Carolina Department of Social Services.

The Care:
Our children join a natural family setting: family mealtimes, chores, devotions, discipline, extracurricular school/community activities – even vacations. They are cared for by a set of live-in house parents who lovingly provide for them as if they were their own. The individual needs of the children are carefully evaluated and administered by our caring staff. An experienced professional provides any need that we are unable to meet.

Having Faith:
A family and community are never complete without Jesus Christ at the center. Our families attend local churches that best serve their needs. Eagle Harbor Ranch has a strong youth/children’s ministry which is very important to spiritual, emotional, mental and physical needs and helps achieve a well-rounded individual who will be an asset to society.

danny and family
Helping Hands:
No one person or organization can accomplish our mission. It takes a united effort of volunteers, churches, local businesses, various organizations and, most of all, loving and concerned individuals to make Eagle Harbor exist. Through kind hearts and generous donations, our children have food on the table, shoes on their feet and hope in their hearts. But, in order to have these necessities, we need your help to make a difference in the lives of our children.

Is God calling you?
Providing a chance to interact with our children and serve with us side by side, Eagle Harbor Ranch events are a fantastic opportunity for both individuals and groups. All are welcome to participate in both annual and special events, so visit our website (www.eagleharborkids.org) often for upcoming opportunities, and join the fun!

What Makes Eagle Harbor Ranch Different?
Our focus is to empower each child to rise above the circumstances that once held them captive. We are devoted to the children and have deemed it our responsibility to make a difference in every child’s life entrusted to us. We will use every resource available to produce children of Godly character and conviction.

How is Eagle Harbor Ranch Supported?
Our support comes from concerned groups and individuals who give most generously of their time and resources and from funds allocated by the Department of Social Services. We are honored to report that 90% of all income goes directly to services for our boys!

What is a Typical Day Like for a Child at Eagle Harbor Ranch?
Our children function in a normal family atmosphere. Each child has chores around the house and attends a local school. After school, homework, tutoring, counseling and sport practices are some of the activities consuming the day.

What Kind of Child is Referred to Eagle Harbor Ranch?
Many of our children have been abandoned, abused or neglected, and there are some who come because of dysfunctional families or other issues. Our children are neither physically nor mentally impaired. Ultimately, each child and his circumstances are unique.

“We are devoted to the care and nurturing of children. Our deepest desire is that you join us and experience the joy and peace that comes when you help change the life of a child. Believing that Eagle Harbor Ranch will be the difference between life or death to hurting children, we count it our responsibility to provide the kind of Christian care which empowers these children to rise above the circumstances that once held them captive. Our mission is To empower each child to rise above their past by giving them love, structure and an opportunity to succeed in life. We pray that you will join us.”

– Danny and Liz Gilbert