Program Advertising

2017 Sertoma Football Classic Program Digital Advertising Requirements

Material Requirements: All materials should be emailed to contact listed below. You must provide a color laser at 100% scale if a contract proof is not supplied.

Required Format: PDF or JPEG.

For both PDF and native les please adhere to the following rules:

1. Make sure that all images are high resolution (300 DPI) and are in CMYK or Grayscale mode. Note that enlarging an image with a resolution of 300 DPI over 125% in the page layout will lower the resolution to the point that image quality degradation may be noticeable when printed.

2. The program will be printed in Black and White with a Color Cover; however, color ads will be accepted and changed to black and white prior to print.

3. Our maximum total area coverage/ink density is 300.

4. For spread ads, keep all copy and important art at least .375” away from the edge on each side.

If you would like more information about purchasing an ad in our program contact Debbie McKelvey @ 843-991-0681

Email ALL Advertising Materials to:
Susan Spearman

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Publication will be available both nights of the 2017 Sertoma Football Classic with an attendance estimate of 7,000+.