Classic Ticket Sales Rules & Regulations

Tickets are $12.00 for ages 10 and up.
Tickets are on sale as of July 14th Online and from your Cheer Squads.
Tickets bought online do NOT reflect spirit points for your school.

Each Cheerleading Packet should have the following:

1. Tickets:
Please count your tickets after receiving them. Compare the number of tickets you received with the number written on the “Ticket Collection Sheet”. Make sure they are the same.

2. Ticket Sales Collection Sheet:
This is to be completed and turned in with the ticket proceeds prior to your team’s game. Bring all proceeds and unsold tickets to the game. Ask a Sertoma member for the turn-in location. If paying by check make it payable to: Sertoma Charities. If paying by cash, please band the paper money according to value (1’s, 5’s, 10’s, etc.)

3. Match Ups

  • This year gates will open at 4pm. You may not be able to have access to your assigned area prior to that time. This year most of the match-ups will last 2 quarters; also we will not be using a running clock. Be prepared to cheer for your team through their entire time on the field.

4. Spirit Competition Rules

5. CT Lowndes & Co Football Toss Competition information

As a sales incentive to encourage people to buy their tickets early, please remind everyone that: They are helping to support local charities! It’s a great way to show your school spirit! They are helping their school to earn money!

Cheerleaders: You must turn in $12.00 per ticket. A check will be sent to your school for distribution to both your team and the football team. 

Children 10 and under will be admitted free with a parent who has purchased a regular $12 ticket.

Club Level Tickets are $50. Limited availability. Only 400 tickets will be sold. You can watch the Classic from the comfort of the 4th floor Club Level of the home side of the stadium. Complimentary non alcoholic drinks and a buffet are included. These tickets will only be available through online purchase on the Sertoma Website.

Regular Tickets may be purchased through participating high school cheerleaders or online.

Remember: Your participation in this event allow us to help many local charities. Every high school that participates also receives a check from us!!


Thank you for your efforts and Good Luck!!!